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ColoradoBIZ Magazine Posted: August 30th, 2012

So where would you like your OFFICE to be: in a corporate suite, in the sunroom off your bedroom, or in your customer”s imagination?

Kimberly Moore isn’t just joking when she asks her own customers that question. As founder and CEO of Executive Systems, Inc. of Colorado Springs (eSuite360), she has redefined the meaning of the word “office” – and built a million dollar business doing it.

Her passion is giving businesses and employees options in their work and lives.  That option could be a place to meet clients from time to time or even an office that – thanks to technology and outsourcing – exists only in cyberspace.

“My endeavor is to educate small business owners about a more professional way of doing business and to make larger corporations aware of the value of outsourcing,” says Moore, who estimates that 30 to 40 percent of her current clients are Fortune 500 companies.

In today’s economic environment of downsizing, growth and rapid technological advances, a successful business has no choice but to keep pace.  This can make it costly for even the largest companies to maintain an adequate infrastructure, says Moore.

Smart companies, she says, are concentrating on what they do best by outsourcing the rest to her.  “We provide full back-office support including IT, telecom management and maintenance, furniture, travel arrangements, scheduling – everything,” she says.  

Moore, now 35, completed her undergraduate work at the University of Ohio and holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix.  She is a classically trained pianist and singer.   But early on in her life, she showed a natural flair for business.  She opened shop in Colorado Springs in 1990.  It wasn’t easy, at the trail end of a recession, selling landlords and brokers on the idea of an office business center.

But her business took off.  She soon turned a 3, 200 square foot business into 30, 000 square feet, three locations and more than 100 offices.  Her future ambition is to build a facility that puts to use all her idea – which she collectively calls the “SmartSuite Concept – on land she has acquired in north Colorado Springs.

The key to her success Moore realized early on that her business was about much more than simply leasing office space.  To achieve the flexibility required in today’s dynamic business environment, businesses need someone who can pull together a lot of things for them – from receptionist services to voice/data networks.

“My contribution is the vision for how to put it together at the right price for even the smallest start-up who may be working out of their home.  They, too, can have the amenities available to any CEO in the world.”   It’s a new way of doing business Anytime, AnyPlace! 

eSuite360 Named Colorado Top 100 Woman Owned Business

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO June 26th, 2012 - eSuite360, a 22 year old Colorado

Springs owned and operated small business, was named by ColoradoBIZ magazine as

a 2012 Top 100 Woman Owned Business.  This is the first year eSuite360 was

nominated for this award and came in at 93 with 2011 annual revenues at $943,000.

eSuite360 is  a high-end executive business center providing SERVICED OFFICE


Class-A buildings, eSuite360 is a vital lifeline to nearly 200 Colorado small

businesses.  eSuite360 employs 6 people and operates approximately 27,000 square

feet of professional serviced office space and shared common areas.

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